AffiASSAY® Custom Cell-Based ELISA Kit
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Size: 100 Assays

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A reagent kit that allows our customers to develop their own cell-based ELISA. Determination of relative protein content and signal pathway (e.g. phosphorylation status) in whole cells. Evaluation of target modulation by drugs, activators, inhibitors, siRNA etc. All that is required is a primary rabbit antibody (Ab1) for the specific target of interest. Key Features: New and improved. Total assay time reduced from the standard 21 hours to 6.5 hours (hands-on time 2.5 hrs). Simple and convenient. Cells are directly cultured in 96-well plates. No cell lysis necessary. Accurate and high-throughput. Target protein is normalized to total cellular protein in the same well, greatly minimizing well-to-well variations. Can be readily automated as a high-throughput 96-well plate assay for thousands of samples per day. Method: Cell-Based ELISA (FL530/585 nm, 360/450 nm). Samples: Cells. Species: human, mouse, rat and more, depending on choice of primary antibody. Procedure: Assay takes Assay takes 6.5 hrs, hands-on time 2.5 hrs. Kit size: 100 tests.

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