AffiASSAY® CD38 Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric)
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AffiGEN’s CD38 Activity Assay Kit can be used to detect its activity in biological samples. The kit utilizes the ability of active CD38 to catalyze the conversion of a CD38 substrate to a fluorescent product (Ex/Em = 300/410 nm). This assay kit provides a rapid, simple and sensitive method to detect CD38 activity in a variety of sample types.

AffiASSAY® CD38 Activity Assay Kit (Fluorometric)

Sensitive method to detect CD38 activity in a variety of sample types,Rapid,Simple

Alternative Name

CD38 Fluorometric Assay Kit,CD38,CD38 Activity Kit,CD38 Activity,CD38 Fluorometric Activity Assay,CD38 Activity Kit (Fluorometric),CD38 Activity Assay (Fluorometric),CD38 Activity Assay,Cluster of differentiation Assay Kit,CD38 Fluorometric Activity Kit,CD38 Fluorometric Activity Assay Kit,CD38 Assay Kit,CD38 Activity Assay Kit

Species Reactivity



Mechanistic studies of various cancers,Screening anti-cancer drugs,Measurement of CD38 activity in various tissues/cells

Tag Line

To detect CD38 activity in biological samples

Detection Method

Fluorescence (Ex/Em = 300/410 nm)

Sample Type

Cultured cells: Adherent or suspension cells. Highest expression of the protein was found in B-cells,Animal tissues: Soft tissues (i.e. Spleen)

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