AffiASSAY® Glycogen Branching Enzyme Microplate Assay Kit

Size: 100 Assays

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AffiASSAY® Glycogen Branching Enzyme Microplate Assay Kit

Functional Assay for detection and quantification of Glycogen Branching Enzyme activity. With CAS Number: 9001-97-2.

Sample Type

Tissue extracts, Cell lysate, Cell culture media, Other biological fluids.

Detection Method


Alternative Names

EC, branching enzyme, amylo- (1, 4→1, 6) -transglycosylase, Q-enzyme, α-glucan-branching glycosyltransferase, amylose isomerase, enzymatic branching factor, branching glycosyltransferase, enzyme Q, glucosan transglycosylase, glycogen branching enzyme, plant branching enzyme, α-1, 4-glucan:α-1, 4-glucan-6-glycosyltransferase, starch branching enzyme, 1, 4-α-D-glucan:1, 4-α-D-glucan 6-α-D- (1, 4-α-D-glucano) -transferase.

Detection Range

0.05 mmol/L - 5 mmol/L.


Microplate reader 660 nm.

Storage & Stability

Shipped and store at 4°C for 6 months.