AffiASSAY® 4-Coumarate CoA Ligase Microplate Assay Kit

Size: 100 Assays

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AffiASSAY® 4-Coumarate CoA Ligase Microplate Assay Kit

Functional Assay for detection and quantification of 4-Coumarate CoA Ligase activity. With CAS Number: 37332-51-7.

Sample Type

Tissue extracts, Cell lysate, Cell culture media, Other biological fluids.

Detection Method


Alternative Names

EC, 4-coumaroyl-CoA synthetase, p-coumaroyl CoA ligase, p-coumaryl coenzyme A synthetase, p-coumaryl-CoA synthetase, p-coumaryl-CoA ligase, feruloyl CoA ligase, hydroxycinnamoyl CoA synthetase, 4-coumarate:coenzyme A ligase, caffeoyl coenzyme A synthetase, p-hydroxycinnamoyl coenzyme A synthetase, feruloyl coenzyme A synthetase, sinapoyl coenzyme A synthetase, 4-coumaryl-CoA synthetase, hydroxycinnamate:CoA ligase, p-coumaryl-CoA ligase, p-hydroxycinnamic acid:CoA ligase, 4CL.

Detection Range



Microplate reader 333 nm.

Storage & Stability

Shipped and store at 4°C for 6 months.